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Deborah specializes in helping people recover from automobile accidents, sports injuries, and workplace injuries.  We can help reduce pain caused by injuries, repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits.  The following are brief descriptions of some of the modalities practiced at Golden Lion Massage Therapy.

  • Swedish Massage:
  • Swedish Massage is the foundation of many Western styles of bodywork.  This modality uses various strokes to ease tension and promote relaxation.  It is used to alleviate stress, fatigue, and to enhance the body's natural healing abilities.  It is also designed to aid the circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, muscular, digestive, and nervous systems.

  • Neuromuscular Techniques/Deep Tissue/Orthopedic Massage:
  • This group of techniques is designed to address structural and postural dysfunction as it is related to pain.  Deep Tissue work involves strokes to flush toxins, reduce scar tissue, and remove adhesions to allow increased range of motion and function.  These modalities can aid recovery from traumatic injury and help reduce pain associated with chronic issues or diseases.

  • Sport Massage:
  • Sport Massage is a treatment oriented form of bodywork.  It can be used for recovery, injury prevention, and maintenance for all levels and types of athletes.  Among its many benefits, Sports Massage can help loosen muscle fibers, break up fibrosis to lengthen muscles, and prevent adhesions.  It also relieves swelling and reduces muscle tension.  Sports Massage can be done in office or on-site for pre and post event massage.

  • Seated Massage:
  • Seated Massage is a type of bodywork that uses a specially designed chair.  Clients remain fully dressed and no lotions or oils are used.  It incorporates a combination of techniques.  Sessions can be relaxing and/or invigorating.  Seated Massage can be done in office or on-site at a business or event.

  • Zen Shiatsu:
  • This Japanese form of bodywork is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It involves working with meridians, or energetic pathways in the body.  By assisting with the flow of Ki or energy in the body, Shiatsu can affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.  Shiatsu can be done while client is clothed or can be incorporated into any massage.

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Massage:
  • Massage during and after pregnancy can greatly reduce pain and tension, aid with the process of labor, and speed recovery after delivery.  These modalities incorporate a relaxing combination of techniques and positions that are supportive and ideal for each stage of pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Integrative Massage:
  • This holistic form of bodywork is designed to decrease pain and tension, as well as create a sense of wholeness and embodiment for the client.  This uniquely client centered modality incorporates energy work and various manual techniques, aimed at encouraging harmony, balance, and healing on every level.

  • Animal Massage:
  • Just like their human companions, animals endure tremendous physical hardships.  Animal Massage can assist your furry friends in a multitude of ways.  From working animals like horses and rescue dogs, to family pets young and old, massage can be beneficial and help improve quality of life.

I offer private and corporate packages.  I will come to your workplace or convention.

A massage makes the perfect gift.  I have gift certificates available.

Basic Massage Rates
     1 HOUR $65.00
1.5 HOURS $90.00
2 HOURS $120.00

$15.00 travel charge may apply.   Call for details or to make an appointment.

Golden Lion Massage Therapy
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